The mission of the GOS Foundation is to advance the orthopedic education and well-being of patients, orthopedic surgeons, and residents in orthopedic training programs.


Frank Russo Alesi MD
Doug Kasow DO
Randall Anderson MD
Frank Kelly MD
Stephen Augustine MD
J Lex Kenerly III MD
Thomas Bailey, Jr MD
Stephen Klasson MD
Champ Baker III MD
Alvaro Lievano MD
James Barber MD
Travis Littleton MD
Jarrad Barber MD
Walter McClelland MD
Robert Barja MD
Lee McCluskey MD
James Becton MD
Clifton Meals MD
Don Beringer MD
Steven McCollam MD
J S Bethea III MD
Clifton Meals MD
Tom Bradbury MD
Jon Minter DO
Michael Busch MD
Thomas Moore MD
Brandon Bushnell MD
Sarah & Tommy Moran
Nick Capito MD
Douglas Murray MD
Dominic Carreira MD
Herndon Murray MD
Jonathan Christy MD
Chris Nicholson MD
G. Lee Cross III MD
Jeffrey Nugent, MD
Snehal Dalal MD
Shervin Oskouei MD
John Dalton MD
Maharsh Patel MD
John DeVine MD
EB Pendleton MD
Hamidreza Doroodchi MD
Chris Piller MD
James Duckett MD
Richard Pope MD
Marsha Duffin MD
Wood Pope MD
Wendell Duncan MD
Tom Price MD
Xavier Duralde MD
Michael Raab MD
Jeffrey Easom DO
Donald Rosenbaum MD
Walter C Edwards MD
Daniel Schlatterer DO
Greg Erens MD
Todd Schmidt MD
Brooks Ficke MD
Tim Schrader MD
Mason Florence MD
James Scott MD
Waldo Floyd MD
John Seiler MD
Mark Floyd MD
Steven Shapiro MD
John Franklin MD
Hal Silcox MD
John Gleason MD
Gregory Slappey MD
Letha Griffin MD
Mark Snoody MD
Garland Gudger Jr MD
Casey Spivey MD
Daniel Guy MD
Mark Spivey MD
Kay Haltom MD
David Stokes MD
Charles Hancock MD
Scott Swayze MD
Robert E Hancock MD
Laura Tharp MD
Dave Heinsch MD
Robert Thornsberry MD
Kelly Homlar MD
Josh Vickers MD
Tommy Hopkins MD
Chris Walsh MD
Jeremy Jacobs MD
Steven Wertheim MD
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